Pencil Portrait of Bride

Pencil Portrait of BridePencil Sketch Portraits

Pencil Portrait of Bride

“You get a great service, the response to your emails is better than most large customer service teams. I really like that you are sent a sample so amendments can be made if required, however, I would suspect that most people will not require any amendments as the drawings look great on the sample. When you receive the drawing your expectations are blown away yet again because it looks even better. Very friendly and understanding. I was impressed at the speed of the service and the quality of the drawing itself, I will be getting more drawings as they are better than the pictures.

The photo I had done was from my wedding and it was my husband’s favourite, I gave it to him for our first anniversary and he loves it, it has already been put in a frame and hung up.

Great value, service and delivery – lovely gifts. Thank you.”

Sarah Washington, England Pencil Sketch Portraits by Angela Maher October, 2012