Pencil Drawing of Shih Tzu Bichon Frise Cross

Hi all, I’ve just finished a pencil drawing of a very sweet Shih Tzu Bichon Frise cross (sometimes miss-spelt as Shitsu Bichon Frise cross) dog and had to share it with you.

Pencil Drawing of Shih Tzu Bichon Frise CrossShih Tzu Pictures

I was asked to draw this lovely little chap, who’s called ‘Harry’ by the way, by the owner’s son as a birthday present for his Dad, “a present for the man who has everything” as his son told me.

I love doing pencil drawings of dogs and this Shih Tzu Bichon Frise cross portrait was no exception. Harry has such an inquisitive yet cheeky expression on his face and apparently his appearance matches his character too!

The A4 pencil drawing of Harry included a nice mount to complement the portrait and the owner, who loved his birthday gift, kindly gave me his permission to use it on my dog drawings page.

If you know a dog owner with a birthday coming up, or you just feel like treating yourself, a hand-drawn pencil portrait of a dog makes a very special and personal gift that shows how much you care. Plus, I get the pleasure of drawing another beautiful dog!

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  1. Jude says:

    Wow, amazing dog portrait with pencil. I love the way you render this dog art in pencil. It takes a talent to learn how to do it beautifully! Lovely!


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