Personalised Birthday Gifts – A Family Portrait

Many of the family portraits I draw are personalised birthday gifts, so for my next post, I thought I’d share a pencil drawing of three brothers and their sister that I drew as a personalised birthday gift for one of the brothers in the portrait.

A Family Portrait Drawing of Four ChildrenPersonalised Birthday Gifts

For this family portrait, I was asked to take four separate photographs of the children and put them together in a collage style. As you may be able to tell from the hairstyles, there is quite an age gap between one of the boys and the other three siblings – I leave it to you to try and guess which brother is younger.

A Special Family Portrait

The photographs were also quite old and faded, so the biggest challenge was restoring the detail in the faces that was lost to the years on the old photographs. That said, I love the cheeky expressions on the children’s faces and think that this is what really brings this portrait to life!

Pencil Portraits make Perfect Personalised Birthday Gifts

Pencil portraits like this make perfect personalised birthday gifts for family and friends and I always enjoy the positive comments I get from the people involved. I was told that the brother that received it was particularly touched by it as he has so few photographs of all them all together.

So if you’re looking for personalised birthday gifts for someone special in your life, now you know where to come!

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