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If you’ve noticed that things look a little different around here from when you last visited, that’s because I’ve just introduced a new & improved design to my Pencil Sketch Portraits website. Please read on to find out what has changed and why…

What’s Changed and Why

Just to avoid some confusion early on I should point out that when I say ‘I’ when referring to the changes ‘I’ve’ made, the credit really goes to my husband who has the expertise in website design and has kindly created this site for me based on my vision of how I’d like it to look and work.

New Look…


Pencil Sketch Portraits Website

Firstly, I’ve tweaked the colour scheme to help the portraits stand out a little more, I’ve increased the page width to give us a more room to breathe and incorporated some of the nice new visual features that the latest Internet browsers can now display. Hopefully, you like these subtle changes and they and add up to a more enjoyable visual experience during your visit.

New Navigation…

Secondly, I’ve updated and improved the main navigation by simplifying it and incorporating mouse-over drop downs. The reason for this is to free up more space on the page and to allow you to go straight from one page to any other on the site with just one click. You may also notice that I’m trying to make better use of the footer at the bottom and I’ve added a handy ‘contact me’ form as well as some other links to drawing types and social media stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

New Content…

Finally, I’ve updated lots of the content across the site, moved one or two pages to hopefully make a little more sense to you as you look around and tried to make the most important information to you accessible by as few clicks as possible. On top of this, I’ve added lots of new examples of my work and put them in a new pencil portrait gallery that allows you to choose by drawing type so you can see the types of pencil drawing that you like best with ease.

I’d Love to Hear Your thoughts

These changes will hopefully make the website work faster, make the pages easier to find and to navigate around, and make your experience of using the site more enjoyable. If you have any comments about the changes or any suggestions on how I could improve the site further please let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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