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Leave a Review

How to Leave a Customer Review

If you've commissioned a pencil drawing from me, why not let me know what you think and leave me a review? Here are a few easy ways to do just that:

Leave Your Review Here (1 = poor and 5 = excellent) (to use your drawing on my website)

Email Your Review to Me

Simply email your review directly to me and I'll put it in the list of reviews you see below, along with the portrait I drew for you (with your permission).

Leave a Review on Google

If you have a Google account you can leave a review on Google for me, which would be wonderful.

Leave a Review on FreeIndex

If you use FreeIndex you can leave a review on my FreeIndex page.

Thank You for Giving Me Your Feedback

Your review is important to me and I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to give me your feedback.

Many thanks, Angela.

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