Haldir the White Lion

Meet Haldir the white African lion. He is one of only a few white lions in captivity, so I am very pleased to share my pencil drawing of this beautiful and rare creature with you. Read more

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

In commemoration of his recent passing, I thought I’d share a pencil drawing of James Gandolfini from the highly acclaimed HBO drama The Sopranos that I recently drew for a customer. Read more

Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor

This time around I thought I’d share a classic celebrity portrait of Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor for the film Waterloo Bridge that I was recently asked to draw. Read more

Drawing of Yamaha R6

I’m pleased to say that I’ve recently finished my first ever drawing of a motorbike. It is a pencil drawing of a Yamaha R6 and if you’re interested buying your very own motorbike drawing,  please just fill out the order form on my commission a portrait page and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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The Mallard Steam Train

For my next post, I’ve just finished a pencil drawing of the Mallard steam train that I thought I’d share with you. It was one of most famous steam engines of the era and will hopefully the first of many steam engine drawings I’ll be asked to do.

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Snow Leopard Drawings

I’ve recently finished a pencil drawing of a pair beautiful of snow leopards, which is a slightly more unusual animal than the pets I’m used to drawing normally, so I thought I’ d share it with you here and this time there’s a difference, you can buy the original… Read more

De Havilland Mosquito

If you’re interested in de Havilland Mosquito Pictures then my latest commission may be just what you’re looking for. I’ve just finished hand-drawing a de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito in pencil. Read more

1995 Chevrolet Corvette Drawings

I was recently asked to do some pencil drawings of a 1995 Chevrolet Corvette and I thought I’d share them with you. These were my first ever drawings of a Chevrolet Corvette and I’m very pleased to say that the client loved them. If you’re interested in buying a car drawing,  please go to my commission a portrait page, fill out the form and I’ll be very happy to help you. Read more

Turn your Daughter into a Fairy

Every little girl wants to be a fairy, so I thought I’d share with you how I can turn your daughter into a fairy, in the form of a pencil drawing. To give you an idea of what the finished result can look like, here is the first of the pencil drawings of fairies I’ve drawn recently. Read more

Pencil Drawing of Young Marlon Brando

I was recently asked to draw a young Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront as a leaving present for someone and I thought I’d share it with you here before I add it to a new Famous Portraits page I’ll be adding to the site shortly. Read more